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Schiller Group sets new standards in the cleanroom technology

The SCHILLER GROUP is the technical specialist for efficient intra-cleanroom-logistics and reduced particulate inventory.
Based on many years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and results-oriented innovation, SCHILLER has developed pioneering solutions for maximum customer value and the highest level of operational safety.

A particular strength is the implementation of bespoke project-specific requirements profiles.


The complete package for "cleanroom logistics":


» Warehouse Systems:

  • Storage and retrieval units
  • Customer-specific grippers and shelves (maximum packing with double depth)
  • Special solutions for wafer-preservation (N2-Purging)

Video - Warehouse Systems for Cleanroom Technology


» Transfer Stations:

  • Manual, semi-automated and full automated solutions
  • FOUP Handling: Docking stations, handover to sorter and load ports


» Transport Systems:

  • Soover ®: Overhead conveyor system consisting of purely passive segments and cleanroom optimized hoist shuttle
  • Lift stations over several floors

Video - Transportsystem for Cleanroom - Soover


» Software and Quality Assurance:

  • Control and monitoring systems, warehouse management / database solutions, visualization
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics, reporting
  • Flexible interface design and compatibility with many protocols (e.g. SECS / GEM)

Cleanroom classes

Schiller is currently offering solutions / plants to cleanroom class ISO 4.


Since November 2001, the standard FED STD 209E is no longer valid. The values of the US standards were published in ft³. In this table, they are designated as m³.